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Enter the Castle of Chronos...

The first supplement and expansion for Harper's Quest. Fight your way through an evil Chronomancer's keep as you try to find your lost friend and mentor, Feynrol.  Keeping true to Harper's Quest form, Castle of Chronos is a quick, rules-light, OSR style, solo, dungeon crawler. And of course, it fits in your pocket!! 

Castle of Chronos is more or less a stand alone game that uses the character creation and d20, roll above AC combat system as Harper's Quest. 

New Battle Mechanics!

  • Streamlined combat; roll both d20's simultaneously to simulate actual combat with blows landing at the same time.
  • Dodging! based on Dexterity stat.
  • "Blade locking" where close rolls result in a d6 roll off!
  • Time based spells for deeper combat.
  • Fever Dream edition of the game is included!

New Adventure Sheet!

  • A more complete Adventure Sheet gives you the space to track
  • Includes a space to draw in a weapon of your choice.

There are even more surprises to be found so what are you waiting for?  Go rescue Feynrol!

For best results print the game with "Fit to Entire Paper" option on your printer.

A HUGE thank you to Perplexing Ruins for supplying the amazing art for this game (except a few JoyPeddler drawn items).  

Check them out at @PerplexingRuins!


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Castle of Chronos v1.2 FeverDream.pdf 4 MB
Castle of Chronos v1.2.pdf 7 MB
Castle of Chronos Adventure Sheet 1.2.pdf 2 MB

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Castle Of Chronos is an adventure for the low-prep dungeon-crawler system Harper's Quest. It has a strong gamebook feeling, but also uses the roguelite elements that set HQ apart.

The PDF is 9 pages, with lovely old-school illustrations.

Chronos includes clarified rules for attacking and dodging, as well as simultaneous attacks and maybe simultaneous deaths. It's also got a few new creatures, a neat boss, and rules for Entropy and Quantum.

Entropy is the centerpiece of the adventure, and equalizes your stats as it accumulates. Quantum is sort of the opposite, and provides randomized effects.

Overall, this is a solid pocket adventure for HQ. It's got some flavorful fights. It's got a clear and simple premise. And it makes good use of the roguelite mechanics of HQ. Definitely grab this if you also have HQ.

Minor Issues:

-I couldn't find anywhere that explained what causes an Entropic State. 1 or more Entropy? Entropy over HP?

-Do you start with one use of each spell, or you have one use on acquiring them?